Your family members deserve the best preventive pet care and medicine available. Our wellness plans are specifically formulated to give your dog or cat the best care for the best value possible.

Cat and Dog WellnessWellness plans focus on preventive care for your companion animal. When your pet comes in to see the veterinarian for routine physical exam and vaccines, you may think about participating in the program.

The program involves preventive blood tests, fecal analysis, and urinalysis to catch a potential problem before it arises in full force. Not only are you saving yourself headaches and your pet health issues further down the road, you are also saving money!

Our wellness plans are discounted more than if we were to run these tests at a later time when there is a problem, and if a medical problem is found, we are offering 10% off any follow-up testing, digital x-rays, and deworming required within the initial diagnosis period.

From the end of January to the beginning of March 2014, 30 employee pets had wellness plans completed. Of those 30 pets, 46% had issues detected of which the animal was not showing signs or symptoms. Six pets had urinary issues such as urinary tract infection, urinary crystals, or inflammation of the bladder; two had indications of early kidney disease. Three wellness plans detected hyperthyroidism; three had indications of infection, and three 100% indoor animals were found to have had intestinal parasites.

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